About Me

Rabbi Sid Slivko, Blog editor

My name is Sid Slivko.  I am an ordained rabbi, a graduate of Yeshiva University and its Rabbinic school, RIETS. 

Teaching has been a family tradition going back, as far as I know, to 15th century Spain, and on into the next generation.  Talmud (as a verb) is something I didn’t appreciate until later in life when I realized that the “good stuff”  wasn’t what’s on the page.  It’s what’s going on behind the page that counts.   When you think like that, you’re not eavesdropping on the conversation.   You’re in it.

I invite you to  get in it too.

If you’d like to contact me,  invite me to speak or teach your group, write  sslivko@gmail.com.

 Sid Slivko, Blog Editor

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