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There are so many things I enjoy doing -- teaching, reading, editing, art, networking, computers -- and thank God, I am able to integrate all of them. I am one of the original Jewish Studies teachers to use computer technology and multi-media in Jewish education (Mishna-mation, Hypertext Talmud, Guided Social Simulations & gaming for learning Jewish values, media and drama). I got into this because that's where the students were, and I was fortunate to have principals and school heads that believed in me and allowed me to use my creativity to reach them. Since coming to Israel in 1997 as a fellow in the Melton Senior Educators' Program, I have been expanding my apps and my reach, and still continue to look for new and creative ways to use the media.

A Talmud Tidbit In Celebration of Daf Yomi

A Talmud Tidbit in celebration of Daf Yomi In Berakhot (6a) we hear from the sages who talk about God’s presence in the synagogue and What you’ll find in God’s tefillin. The idea of God in the synagogue and God’s … Continue reading

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The Torah in Conflict with Itself

Sometimes it seems that the Torah is in conflict with itself over whether it’s a cultural history or a book of laws. Could this inconsistency be a matter of of design? Continue reading

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Apologetics Accepted: Philo of Alexandria

Last session we took a look at the first apologetic work ever written – actually a collection of works – by Philo of Alexandria. Apologetics is about reconciliation – that is, it defends the belief of a certain group as it wards off … Continue reading

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12 Transformative Sefarim: Why Na”Kh?

Na” Kh Na”Kh is the acronym for Neviim (Prophets) & Ketuvim (Writings).  Together they make up the second. slightly less-sacred texts of what is called the TaNa”Kh – 19 of its 24 books: Altogether they include: The 5 Books of the Torah; … Continue reading

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The Myth of Israel’s ‘Secular’ Jew

This Times of Israel piece by Dov Lipman (The era of ‘Secular’ Israeli Jews is over)  echoes what I have been saying for years now and reminds me of a conversation I recently had with an Israeli who called himself secular as … Continue reading

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Another Example of Halakhic Evoution in Action

Back in 1990, one of my students whose mother was a Reform rabbi, asked me if I ever thought there would be Orthodox woman rabbis.  I answered it would probably happen in about 25 years. In the spirit of the … Continue reading

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How’m I doin’? Modern Orthodoxy wants to know

“The patient is hemorrhaging. In fact, the patient does not seem to even know who he is. It sounds pretty dire.” Avrohom Gordimer gives his diagnosis of Modern Orthodoxy in the age of Open Orthodoxy and Neo Chassidus.  Read the … Continue reading

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