”Ahhh, but enough about me.  Tell me, what did you think of my performance?’  

If you’ve had a chance to hear me speak, catch a class,  participate in a seminar or read something I wrote and you have some thoughts to share, please comment below (leave your name and title where relevant).


2 Responses to Testimonials

  1. Norman Enteen says:

    Rabbi Slivko, you led a wonderful, provocative discussion at our Reform Synagogue here in Mevasseret. It was so refreshing to interact with an Orthodox Jew, who is open minded and accepting of fellow Jews who have a different approach to Judaism. Thank youfor “walking the talk” and creating an environment for exploring different views, without passing judgment.
    Keep up the important work, Norman Enteen

  2. BEIT KNESSET HAMEGINIM MODI’IN invited Sidney Slivko as scholar-in residence over a Shabbat. Having heard Sidney before I knew he would be ideal for our Anglo speaking shul and I was not disappointed.

    Sydney addressed the community three times and was extremely well received not only because of the content which was informative and well presented but also his engaging personality. To say that he was well received would be an understatement and the community has asked that he return.

    Rabbi Adi Sultanik,
    Rabbi, Beit Knesset Hameginim
    Modi’in, Israel

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